Is this a legal "double-tapped" breaker?

Good afternoon,

I am a Realtor representing aBuyer who has been going back and forth between their home inspector and the Seller. The inspector called out an issue with a double-tapped breaker. However, the Seller is stating that this particular breaker can be double-tapped. The panel is a made by Square D Company and looks like it says model QOBW (but it’s faded so I can’t really tell what the second letters are) rated for 125 amps. The breakers say LD-955 2 pole. I have seen around the forum that this type of panel does, in fact, accept double-tapped breakers. However, I want to be sure the breakers are properly configured. Can someone tell me if the configuration in the attached picture poses an issue? Thanks!

It looks like it will accept 2 wires , some do some do not , a better picture of the lugs would be great

Hard to tell from that angle of picture…
Does the termination look like these?:

twowirebreaker (Small).jpg

Square D “QO” breakers are designed for 2 wires (10-14 gauge).
I don’t know if model “QOBW” is same.
Where’s Paul? Then we will know for sure.

I agree with Wayne you need more photo’s, some wide angles, all the label information visible and the actual terminations visible. If the CB is listed for only one conductor the fix itself should take 5 minutes.

Here are a few more pictures from the report. The best picture of the termination is the one that I originally posted. Unfortunately, there are no others with a side angle.

By photo alone my guess is that type is not rated for two wires.
If it is rated for two wires they must be the same gauge.
The wires in the photo look like different gauges.

These photos help, looks like more than one double tap.
And you have wires entering the back of the panel with tape wrapped around them which is improper as well.

A licensed electrician should look it over and correct as necessary.

Simple fix


Nobody noticed that those are tandem breakers with two wires…lol

I saw the “piggybacks” Brad but the bottom looks like a double from the pic.

LOL. Yep! Good eye.

Each of those breakers controls two separate circuits.

The one in the first photo has THREE conductors running to it. It is IMPROPERLY double tapped at one of its terminals. Home inspector got it right. Roy’s solution could resolve the issue at that breaker.

I agree Marc, that bottom tandem looks like two wires to one screw. I can’t tell if these are ok for two conductors from that angle. They are older SQ D breakers.

If I had to bet I would say that the old style tandem CB is not listed for more than one conductor.

The entire panelboard should be evaluated because of the conductors entering in the back with no connector, the double tap and the use of white conductors as an ungrounded conductors just to start.

There appear to be numerous issues in the panel. I agree there is at least one double tap in the tandem breakers. As a note, you state the breaker is rated at 125 amps. I think this is an error as the wires to the breaker would have to be the size of the wires at the top of the panel. It also looks like there are three wired taped and passing through a drilled hole in the back of the panel. Also in the same picture, it looks like there is a ground wire on the neutral buss. I am assuming this is a sub-panel.

You also have what looks like a ground wire attached to the neutral bar, which is improper.

And the stranded wires not fully attached? This is a total mess.

See a side pic of a Square D Breaker for 2 wires.

But there are issues in the panel that should have an electrician repair SO he can determine that issue while fixing the other issues.