Does anyone see what I see? If so, how would you write this up?

Hi Gary,

it does appear that the second truss has been modified, if it indeed has it should be written up that trusses may not be modified without engineering approval.



I’m not sure modified would be the correct terminology. Damaged maybe, and never repaired properly. In any case, recommend a structural engineer be contacted to assess.

What Tyrone said.

**IRC R802.10.2 Trusses are engineered systems. The components of each individual truss-- webs, connectors, gusset plates, straps, clips, and fasteners – and all trusses in a roof are designed to perform together as a system. Field alterations to the truss system should be reviewed and documented by a structural engineer. In most instances, un-approved field alterations to a truss system voids the manufacturer’s warranty for the entire truss system. ****

**I recommend that you ask the sellers to show you any documentation that the alterations were done to a structural engineer’s specifications. ****

**If you cannot confirm, in writing, that the trusses were correctly modified in accordance **
with an engineer’s specifications, recommend that you have a qualified structural engineer review the trusses, then develop and implement a written plan for repairs.

Codes are slightly different in The Great Country the US. But in the end, we still recommend the same people.

how about that thing (i forget it’s name, for now i’ll call it “thing”) fastening the 4 truss boards together? is it an issue that only half of any board is used for attaching to the whole assembly?

You mean the gusset. Yes this is perfectly normal. If you have never seen how trusses are manufactured you owe it to yourself to go to a truss company and watch. These are rolled through a press and the gussets are pushed into the wood. Dang near impossible to remove one

GUSSET, that’s the word. i had a greesy lunch and that word must have slipped off… thanx. i see it all the time, but wonderd if it was efficiant. thanx Mr. Edwards.:smiley:

Thank You…

That’s one of the great understatements of 2006. :smiley:

It actually says that in the IRC? Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so coherent in a code book. :smiley: I read the code books all the time—to put me to sleep. I guess I fell asleep on that page. :roll:

Dont’ matter what part of the Country you are from, when you start messing around with Manufactured Engineered Products, the Engineers need to be re-called or notified of any modifications to an engineered sysyem.

If no disclosure was up-fronted, request a structural engineers’ recommendation of the falter modification.

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