Is this an "approved" method of foundation repair?

Today’s inspection. Owner disclosed foundation repairs, including anchors/jacks installed along two walls. Owner says that the basement still leaks (used the word “weeps”) only when there is a very heavy rainfall. The repairs in the corners appear to be of some kind of fiberglass resin. I have never seen this fix before, but there is a lot I haven’t seen. Anyone seen this, is it ok? It has been raining/snowing here for two days and is very wet, and the basement was dry. The other half of the basement is finished, upper end home.

625 Homestead 029.jpg

625 Homestead 022.jpg

Yea, I’ve seen it a couple of times. They use the fiberglass along with the epoxy injection. This is a newer procedure that is supposed to be superior to just epoxy filling.

Hi. Jeff and hope you are doing well.

A picture of a bigger scale like panoramic view of the area would help a little.
From what I see, it is not a common patch of a leaky foundation that I am current with seeing.

Obviously, a crack is evident in the corner of this foundation and is now concealed from view with the mesh patch.
Some settlement has occurred and the loggical dampproofing on the outside has been breached and now leaking to the interior.

How did the outside of the area look like?

How is the drainage grade from the foundation away from the house look?

If the circumstances of the crack does not appear serious, I would most likely just recommend a waterproofing Contactor to seal it with the proper procedures to stop the weeping as disclosed.
If found more serious, recommend a qualified foundation Contractor to look at it and at the very least, if the client buys the property, to monitor the cracked area.

Either way, at one time or the other this fracture of the foundation will encompass some attention, time and money to fix.

So there you have it.

Marcel :):smiley:

Jeff, Do you think it may be carbon fiber? Here’s an example.

Mr. Newland beat me to it, but, yes, I’m 99% sure it is carbon fiber. I could be 100% sure if I went to Huntsville, Missouri, to have a look-see myself. I’ve been seeing a lot of it during the past year or so.

I really can`t tell/see enough like Marcel.

Looks like poured walls…yes/no?

Ya say homeowner says basement still leaks/seeps so, there is a good chance at least one of the actual problem-leak(s) was NOT diagnosed/identified by Inside-knothead Co. HO has spent thousands and STILL LEAKS after inside goofs did their crap, yup, same old SHTT.

What weve seen MANY times is, a homeowner who had a shrinkage crack/didnt penetrate the wall YET was told and sold carbon fiber strips and other shtt along w/an epoxy injection. These same HO`s ONLY had water that would enter EITHER through 1 or more openings along and/or above ground level or a leaky rod hole near the shrinkage crack and only work that was needed was repairing the dumb rod hole or the opening(s) outside.

Have also seen people get talked into inside crap when they only had a blockage under the floor. MANY…ONLY needed to EITHER, snake storm trap cleanout or, was city`s problem or, those who already had a sump pump they needed to drill holes in sides of pit-wall or had some problem w/pump etc. But MANY who ONLY needed these minor things done were talked into SHTT they did not need.

The salesperson points out 1+ shrinkage cracks, tells HO wall(s) are failing and other nonsense,false claims,fraudulent bs to make a bigger sale when, as WE KNOW, all the HO needed was have a plumber snake and/or fix 1 crack or some leaky rod holes or some ABOVE ground openings that are ABOVE the shrinkage crack.

Ya say anchors and jacks along 2 walls. Is one or two walls bowed in where they put anchors etc? Can`t tell from inside because they placed shtt against the wall? ‘IF’…if if, a wall has bowed inward due to lateral soil pressure/roots, a porch-footing or concrete slab(s) leaning against exterior wall then THIS is what should have been REMOVED to relieve/lessen the pressure/weight that causes many cracks or existing cracks to WIDEN or wall to bow in.

As Marcel notes, when these Inside twinks put crap against the inside wall(s) it can/does hide-conceal the actual condition of wall or of that part of wall. Like whether or not a crack in the wall is widening after that did their thing,months/yrs down the road.
There WAS a big FAT SLAB at back door, right against back wall, was leaning-PUSHING against wall, plus roots,plus rock-hard soil against walls, One of the hardest digs we`ve had in 30 yrs. Why would one NOT remove the CAUSES of why wall bowed in and cracked and, waterproof the dumb exterior cracks? Oh…we see, yer an INSIDE incompetent dipstick and only do/install inside crap.

Carbon straps or other stuff placed against inside walls like these and MANY others does NOT REMOVE,lessen,relieve the CAUSE(s) of WHY the dang wall cracked/bowed in to begin with. Leaving the pressure/weight against the outside of wall, along w/leaving cracks open, only increases the real likelihood of FURTHER,FUTURE damage. No, not saying THIS house,obviously don`t know nearly enough of about it.

Interesting pile of backfill out there by the road…what, no kitchen sink?

Looks like carbon fiber: