Is this an area that Kick out flashing should be recommended.

Its where the main roof meets the porch…

continuation of the step and counter flashing would have helped…

The step flashing should have been taken to the bottom and then a kick out installed. In short, YES

Kickout to what? They don’t have gutters. All rain falls off the edge and there is no wall next to the end.

The wood fascia board should have been kept off the roof shingles and step flashing installed and then covered with a two piece rake edge flashing.
Kick out diverter in this situation solves nothing. :slight_smile:

The picture also shows the shingles flush on the edge with fascia. Here we like to see them about 1/2" over.
And yes Stephen is right. A kick out to what?

To be honest the area where the kickout is suggested may be the best segment as the fascia board looks to at least have air space at the bottom of the roof tile where a gutter would normally be.

Gutter or no gutter, makes no difference in watching that wood rot the way it is. If there is no flashing and counterflashing to protect it, it will need to be repaired.
Call out a contractor for repairs. Plain and simple. :slight_smile:

I agree Marcel.
Should be something like this…roof-wall-gap-flashing.jpg

Though that is for vinyl.

A gutter or diverter would be appropriate, look at the shingle damage on the lower roof.

Actually a gutter would not help as the tile is simply cut short maybe with no drip edge.
Can’t tell because he posts small pics.

It could be flashed a little better, but at 10" of rainfall a year, an extra coat of paint probably work just as well. :smiley:

I would not even cmt on such a tiny item where there is no visible damage. It’s obviously not the best constructed house.

I’m with Marcel, flashing and counterflashing up under the flat roof drip edge is needed to protect the fascia.

Really, so what you are saying is that the more there is wrong the less we need note?

Oh by the way what is the pitch on that upper area? I am seeing shingles on it, looks pretty flat from the photo.

From the photo the roof is nearing the end of its usefulness. To protect the interior components from possible weather and water infiltration.
RECOMMEND: It is not a economical endeavor to repair the roofing system.
Simple perventative maintenance is needed at once.
RECOMMEND AND FERFER: replacing the roofing system within a 12 to 24 month time fame.
Have a licensed registered roofer examine the roof deck and replace any sheating. planking or boards, that they see fit.
Recommend: MONTREAL EXTERIOR MAINTENCE SERVICES offers full job overste.
yada, yada, yada…
1,) No drip kick out flashing and open area for blown in weather infiltration.
2.) No step or sizer flashing.
3.) Open apron flashing. Not weather tight.
4.) Hail delamination of the main ( possible asphalt organic ) composite.
5) No metal flashing. ( step flashing.)
6.) No drip edge.
7.) A dip or belly sag in the roof decking substrate material.
8.) Shingles are to short at the starter course. No recommended 5/8 overhang
I can go on but the idea is there.

As someone used to say: Make a note of it and move on.

Not a Kickout Flashing area BUT other flashing would have been useful.

There are 2 plains intersecting over the doorway.
In my experience the water flow might be great enough to call for a kick out flashing to redirect the waters flow.
Depends upon the pitch.
I could be mistaken in my flashing choices.
Gutters would be great.