Do you think KICKOUTS might have saved this siding & wall. Water is actually trip under the paint.

Do you have another view from above the porch roof? I ‘almost’ want to say it would have been better off ‘without’ a gutter in that location.


No photo from the roof. But you probably right. I was actually inspecting the house nextdoor.

Kick-out flashing and no gutter would have been a better design IMO.

I ran in to something like this on yesterdays job. No kick-out flashing at the roof to wall intersection. The flashing terminated, into the stucco over frame exterior wall. The stucco was bulging and the wall was heavily water damaged.

I would love to have those pictures you guys.

What part of town Buck?

College & Westgate, OP. I will send them to you.

“What is a kickout flashing?” would probably the average Wisconsin roofer’s reply.

A kickout, properly installed, would likely have saved the side wall. I see many of these in kickout-less wall-eave unions in this sad shape (especially with lumber siding). I wouldn’t omit the gutter but rather start it an inch or two away from the kickout tail because it sucks walking through a waterfall to get into the house during a heavy rainfall. :mrgreen: