Is this asbestos wrap on HVAC vents?

Finished demo on a master bath and thought this looked funny, built in 1968, all actual attic duct work is not positive for asbestos but these duct to vent transitions in the walls caught my eye.

Thanks in advance!

The only real way is to test and put your mind at ease… I would say that the possibility is great that it is asbestos product they did use it allot but usually only hot air! JMO

The drywall or plaster and tentest (if present) may of contained it as well and watch out for old sheet flooring and 9 x 9 tiles

Yeah, looks like it to me.

very likely. But cant be certain without a lab test. Better treat it like is IS asbestos, better safe than sorry here.

Sage advice. I would treat it as ACM.

what did it taste like?

I would assume it is, until proven otherwise. As Dad would always say, better safe than sorry.

It looks like a product I seen before and as others said,
would treat it as ACM until tested. :slight_smile:

Pictures I found;