PB ?

1979 trailer.
What is throwing me off is the color. I can’t remember seeing PB in black.
The crimp connections tell me it most likely is. I could not find any marking on the pipes. What do you think the black pipe is.
PB or what?

my search says it came in grey black and white Roy…

Typical characteristics of polybutylene piping include:

PB pipe is a non-rigid, sometimes curved, usually gray (or possibly silver or black plastic pipe used in water supply plumbing systems.
PB pipe has copper or silver (aluminum) rings that hold the joints together.
PB pipe is blue, gray or black when used in the underground service company (from your home to the street).
Highlighted wrong application

PB it is.

I don’t understand that statement.

At first I highlighted “black” as used in underground application. So I edited it.

Based on the condition of the framing and the description “1979 trailer” I’m pretty sure this is not all you found.