Is this disgraceful?

Why is it offensive. People burned effigy’s of President Bush and no Democrat stood up and condemned it.

:shock:I think it’s a great likeness and anyone supporting him should be proud to display such a tribute in their home or office.:roll:

To the original Chia Pet?


HELL NO…thats funny chet right there…i am off to buy a case of them!

Who ever designed it should be fired. The ears aren’t even close.

Kinda resembles Hendrix…oops showing my age!

The lips should be bigger.

Remember the smoking monkey with the symbols ?

Can somebody please explain to me why the statement “the lips should be bigger” should not get you forever banned from this organization? Distasteful at best, I am very curious as to what you meant.

It may or may not be an ethnic slur, depending on the source and the interpretation. :mrgreen:

To my knowledge, INACHI doesn’t make a habit of punishing it’s members for incorrectly or correctly (whichever the case may be), describing portions of the human anatomy.

I think he means the lips on the chia are smaller in comparison to those on the man-child. But that’s just 1 interpretation, you’d have to ask him yourself what is meant by his statement. Banning someone for words written or stated is against what this country is all about.

Sorry Brad, let me clarify: Obama with Big Lips

Oh thats much better.