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Post: If You Are Against the Health Care Bill…
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This “complaint” has no merit. People who disagree with you are not necessarily violating any rules.

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Hang it up.
You just do not like the guy.

I do not but as unmoderated guest he should abide by the rules.

Typical Larsonism. Just like the Republicans in power.

If you don’t like the message, scream, yell, blow smoke and throw hissy-fits. Make everyone afraid and unless they agree with him, they are a bane on society.

Too bad, so sad.

Excuse me for wanting unmoderated guests to follow rules.:roll::roll:

The complaint does have merit per the rules: “Personal attacks for reasons of race, religion, sexual orientation, et cetera, or postings, which are profane or are meant to defame our membership, will not be tolerated.”

The rules must be enforced even if liberals like what the offender is saying. The offender is an unmoderated guest, and as such is subject to moderation.


This is fitting for any thread in which joey participates.

Ahhhh! mikey, thats the first nice thing you said to me today. :mrgreen::p:mrgreen:

Carry on. :smiley:

The only ones complaining are the backwards ,radical right wingers.

The complaint has no merit. All Mr. Pierce posted was a link to an article appearing in a popular ezine.

Your complaint is with the author of the article.

Posting it here violates nothing.

I am Catholic and I am not offended, knowing that priests are no more likely to be pedophiles than contractors, home inspectors, or real estate agents…but when they do it, they have betrayed a great trust — which is what makes them media targets.

No rules have been violated…just feathers have been ruffled.

Get over it.

Deny it all you want Jim, that doesn’t make you right.

I’m denying nothing.

You guys need to stop trying to use message board rules to quiet your critics. He did nothing wrong and there is no way he will be sanctioned for simply offending Larson.

Larson needs to keep his stuff in cesspool where the public can’t see or respond, if he doesn’t want the public to respond.

Cry all you want…it doesn’t make you right.

mikey’s biggest mistake is in thinking that his wild-assed beliefs are what the majority of what Americans believe (happens to everyone who thinks what Rush says is gospel), still he is entitled to his own opinion… just not his own reality.

Which is exactly where kevins post belongs.

Thank you for making my point.

Then, when he accidentally posts them in the public domain and gets his head stomped on…he wants to cry “foul”.

What a p u s s y.

Ok Mr “I Define Ethics for Everyone Else Bushart”,

What part of the above portion of the message board rules did he NOT violate?

The rules are clear, and YOU are NOT the author, nor the interpreter.

I don’t think I see your name anywhere in this list: Assigned Moderators: gbeaumont, fmagdefrau, fcarrio, lkage, mkyriacou, jmckenna1, rromoser, sgilligan1, iniquette, bjones5, jramos, wwilson3

The guest poster did nothing wrong.

The member should follow his own advice and keep his unusual views out of the public domain if he is going to be offended by someone opposing them with things of equal obsurdity.