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Post: Congratulations to NACHI Member John McKenna
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Posted by: jbushart
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Sorry…You cannot moderate the post of a member. Ask Nick. That’s why the photos that offend you are allowed to remain.

But I’m glad you’re offended.

John is free to file an ethics complaint if he feels it warranted.

Until James described the content of his original post link in the NFE section there was no real problem.

But now there may be IMHO. It’'s up to someone to complain.

Let him file an ethics complaint. LOL

I don’t have a single post on that thread. It is not my argument. I am simply recognizing him for his post and directing others to see it and appreciate at, as well. I did not copy any posts or quote anything…simply described, in my own words, what I saw.

If his own post cause him shame, there is little I can do about that.

I didnt ask to moderate your post. I ask that it be moved to the NFE

Contact Nick.

James is out of control again.

Just can’t keep me on ignore can you?

Does that make you a liar?

Let others be the judge.

I took you off to see how you would try to manipulate this situation to your advantage. You didn’t disappoint me, girlie man.

I’ll simply post another one after that.

Although i lean not wanting to see things drag into the General section and would of like it left in the members only there is not much a moderator can do we can not move posts . Members are not Moderated as it should be.

P u s s y or is it whipped?

You intentionally attacked a member in a public area.

Everyone can see that I suspect.:(:frowning:

And you accuse others of being mental midgets. Your not showing your bright side at the moment, are you?

I agree but they are not allowed to attack a member or his business in public.

Read the COE and message board rules that James agreed to abide by.

Jim is proving why that policy should be changed.

Then that would be a Ethics committee problem wouldn’t?

Yes if a complaint is filed but Nick can have a post or thread removed as well.

Well then it i guess it is in Nicks court.

James Bushart can do what ever he wants. That has been established and proven. Why else would he still be recognized as a ESOP committee member when most of the general members wants him off the committee in the first place?

Filing a complaint against James Bushart is a total waste of time. It will just get over ruled.

If you want to be a member of INACHI that is just one term you will have to get used too.

The best way to handle this is to ask Nick to please remove the thread and tell him it offends you directly.

James, James, come on James.

No porn just hard cold and ugly reality.

Deal with it.