Is this EFIS ???

Inspected this house yesterday. The stuccco had numerous cracks at window corners and several locations holes about 1-1/2 to 1 inch dia. Stucco was about 3/8 thick seemed to have a fabric or fiber glass mesh imbeded.under lay backing was foam. Also no weep screen at bottom.I wrote it up as possible EFIS stucco and Highly recomended futher evaluation by certified EFIS inspector.Realtor told me today she had inspection done and all is fine,inspector said it is not EFIS said it is single coat stucco. He just recomended patching and sealing cracks and holes. I guess i’m stupid I never have seen single coat stucco. I asked realtor if he put it in writing she said he was e-mailing it to her.

A picture would be better. Sounds like EIFS. Dont back down from your position.

Hey William,

I thought you may want to check out this link as it may clear things up a bit. My guess is what you saw was perhaps a mesh for banding and not mesh for the stucco.

One Coat Stucco -

Here is a link for DRYVIT, a major synthetic stucco company -

Hope this helps.

EIFS will have fiberglass mesh. It is easy after you see it a few times. I had the same prob a couple years back… no worries:D

I see reports from others that I disagree with and I’m absolutely sure others have disagreed with me and my findings.

That is why we defer to a specialist when we deem it necessary.

Keep on the links previously provided and other education paths and the longer you do this the more you will find out you don’t or didn’t know.

If you need more links to wrap you mind around:

Thanks for all the quick replys. I dont have downsizing my pics perfected yet to fit on these messages I will overcome this is my first post. Again thanks for all the shared knowledge that why I joined NACHI

Doesn’t matter if its conventional stucco, EIFS or a Hybrid system - once you saw the holes or damage, you’re out of there. Something like …

“There was visible damage to the stucco system. We are not stucco specialists. We recommend further evaluation by a competent stucco specialist to determine the type of stucco system present, the repair needed to properly correct the damage, and to determine if moisture testing or other analysis is needed for the stucco system”.

Thanks Dan
With your permission I will load that statement into my Stucco comments program.

Good Link

When i installed it, we always used a green or blue mesh under the base coat.

Dryvit is blue. Sto is yellow. Who uses green?

Couldn’t tell you now. I installed it in the eighties.

Three sources for Green mesh USG, R-Wall2, and algae.

How’d that green get in there? Any clues?

I don’t think green is available anymore both of the companies have folded the EIFS departments in the US anyway or have moved on to other more successful arenas.

Drivit and R-wall were the systems we used at that time.

Might be worth noting that i only applied them on commercial buildings…