Is this intended as a clothes hanger/rod

I bought wire shelving for my closet that has a contiuous clothes hanger portion. This looks more like it is intended as shelving. What do you think?


I think you’re pulling our chain.:shock:

Do I have to take a pic of one with clothes hanging on it in my closet?

It’s both. The lower wire on the front valance will accept clothes hangers.

I would not choose that style. It is very inconvenient with the separate sections.
How much more could this cost?




I had one of those. We used it for our laundry room. :wink:
The small bar was used for a few hangars, and couldn’t support much weight.
The support bars had plastic drywall inserts, so I figured I wouldn’t want to put much weight on the shelf, in addition to the hangar bar.

I think ::gulp:::wink: Mike Larson is right.

I’ll try to be more careful Rick.:wink:

Good, i’d hate to repeat that too often. ;-):stuck_out_tongue:

I think you bought it at the Dollar Store. Here’s my closet. The round corners are sweet.

090109 004.JPG