Is this Masonite?

If so, what type of disclaimer (if any) would you use for a home built in 1995?

091509 051.JPG 091509 032.JPG

just curious
you’re the cmi
what would you say?
i’m sure there are many that will tell you if you’re right or wrong

masonite is a brand name
unless you’ve identified as a particular brand i’d call it pressboard or composite siding

I asked because Masonite was involved in a lawsuit alleging defects to their siding made in the 80s and 90s. I am not knowledgeable enough about it to be able to identify it from the exterior. If I know the siding is Masonite, I have a disclaimer I use which refers to the lawsuit and the manufacturing defects.

If I don’t know the manufacturer, I say this:

“This type of composite siding is highly susceptible to moisture damage and will require vigilance in maintaining both paint and caulk. Specifically, make sure that the ends, butt-joints and nail heads are sealed and painted thoroughly, and that the bottom edges of the siding are covered with paint to prevent deterioration. Failure to maintain it regularly can result in buckling, rotting, softening, swelling, and blistering. Water intrusion behind the walls can lead to significant structural damage and mold. We did not inspect behind this siding material and you may wish to have it scanned with an infrared camera to ensure water intrusion has not occurred.”

It looks like Masonite to me. God how I hated installing this crap when I was framing. Spend a day siding a house and spend a week digging masonite boogers out of your nose.

It certainly looks like hardboard siding. Impossible to tell if it is Masonite brand or Weyerhaueser or any other company that makes hardboard.