Pony panel

Anyone see anything unusual?

Yeah… you’re in Canada and it’s NOT mounted sideways!!! :mrgreen:

And that is it? Do you see any neutrals?

All 240 circuits?

I expect that they’re in the panel on the left since the ungrounded conductors are routed through along with the feeder. Someone ran out of space and cheated.

Chuck, you are absolutely correct. They installed second panel but cheated and left all the grounds and neutrals in the main panel and routed the “hots” into the pony panel. Not sure about the validity of such install though.

Greetings -

I will only comment on the grounded (neutral) conductor comment in terms of education only. Many believe that while the service does require a grounded (neutral) conductor as part of the minimum standard (will assume the same in Canada) if the load beyond a service panel, to a remote panel, does not require a grounded (neutral) conductor then in many cases it is not installed.

If the loads being supplied to not require such then it is not required to be installed. However, let us never confuse a grounded (neutral) conductor with a grounding conductor to facilitate the accurate operation of an overcurrent protective device (OCPD) like a circuit breaker or fuse.

In this image the termination to the buss itself may be acceptable if protection is afforded the conductors up stream and without additional review I will leave it at that. In terms of the grounding I see a metal raceway serving that purpose as long as it is installed correctly and the localized inspector is going to know if that is done upon closer (at the scene) inspection.

Ok…off to a meeting but in recent views of some posts I may just come back a few more times and answer things that I feel may be a bit stray…heck why not…I may be out of flavor but I have never been one who lacks an opinion…:slight_smile:

P.S. I am not UP on CEC Standards so…please take that for what it is worth because the Electrons do not care where they are from…and the fact they did not carry the grounded (neutral) conductors over is a concern if indeed they were lazy. I just wanted to explain when you might not see a grounded (neutral) to a circuit because it would not be required…hope it was helpful and not distracting from the topic.

Always helpful Paul.