Is this normal for block foundations

Is this typical of block foundations in a crawl??

Are you asking about the painted blocks, the material used for the vapor barrier, the hairline step-crack, or something else?
I want to help but I’m not sure what has you puzzled.

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I think he is talking about what looks like voids at the bottom of the foundation wall?


I hope you have better pics than that for the report… always take a lot. They’re cheap :slight_smile:


Those look like clean outs that never got the face put back on. Todd was there grout in those spaces?

This is a screen capture from a video a friend sent me. Asking for information.

Looks like an attempt to block water intrusion, that did not work.

I would say those holes are atypical. The purpose of the holes is difficult to determine. Possibly to release water pressure from behind the wall if it is below grade or to let water out of the crawl if above grade.


Post the video!

I sure can’t tell much from that one blurry picture…

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I was just wondering if it’s normal to place a row of masonry block on its side where the openings are horizontal.

and that’s what You saw in that picture???really ??? even if i squint really hard at that terrible picture I dont think I could see that…


That would be a no

Trying to educate myself, I came across this diagram for vapor retarder installation and noticed it had a similar configuration for base blocks on the footing. Maybe some early ventilation methods?

Perfect. Looks just like it. Thanks.

No. It loses it’s strength when set that way.

But that picture doesn’t show the above bolded.