Is this O.K.

My weakest subject, electrical. Two homes same builder, but one has the cable ground on Meter Base, the other is grounded inside to incoming water service pipe.Is this a standard practice and is it O.K.


I think its OK for the cable guy to connect to anything that is solidly grounded, though I like the idea of keeping the ground wire outside the home, so lightning isn’t tempted to stray.


This is just a method of bonding the system, and it really doesn’t matter where it’s installed (as James pointed out), as long as it effectively bonds the components.

The exterior bond (in your first picture) may not be totally effective if the clamp has been placed on a painted surface.

Thanks Jeff and James for your responses.


Jeff is dead on…however it is important to know the difference in what is considered Bonding and what is considered Grounding…that is the MOST requested thing in my seminars…and for good reason as bonding and grounding was messed up by the NEC for years…they started getting it RIGHT in the 2002 NEC…but alas…it still needs work.