Is this O.K.

I know conduit should be sealed and theoretically it should not be affected by water,but is this not dumb?

Yes it is dumb .
I do not think it is the sparkies fault It looks like he was there first .
Also Not the best way to have water at the foundation of the home .
I would have put in clamps instead of ty wraps to hold the conduit.
Roy Cooke


luckily an easy fix.

And not any worse then the meter cans not being flashed!

A water leak at a 200 amp service!

Yeah. Maybe the genius will move the downspout over so that it terminates above the gas meter.:|.)

Or over the unflashed meter cans.

ummm :-k


allowing water to wet those bricks `n joints will sooner er later cause problems…see the ‘green’ beginning to appear on the joint?

if basement below then water will begin to enter, sooner err later

as many of you know, allowing bricks-joints to get wet/soaked like is not good. same can be said for raising the grade/soil against bricks WITHOUT sealing the bricks n joints First, uh huh....water & salts in soils can certainly wickn deteriorate bricks & mortar joints…got milk? :mrgreen:

Yes, of course. Call it out.
Even if it were not raining.
The potential is there to do damage, human or property.

Too bad:(

I hope the moisture barrier is in place under the brick! Unlike this!

Carl you come up with great pictures where do you get them all .
Thanks for showing us these much appreciated .
Al winners
Roy Cooke

Thanks Roy.

I can go out in the KC metro and fill my camera chips everyday of the week. I can not figure out why the codes officials and builders can not see them and get some thing done about it. And when the codes people are ask about things they cry foul.;f=26;t=000399;p=1#000029