something missing

New construction, meter enclosure mounted on exterior wall, SEC passes directly into building, I have daylight as the entrance point is not sealed. Obviously a potential water infiltration point. My question, what fitting, conduit or other piece should be here to make the connection?

That looks like the proper SE cable connector.

An upside U of caulk above the hole would stop any water.

In my area, we flash above them but caulking would likely do the trick as Jim mentioned.

Looks like the SE connector is installed backwards and the GEC is run through the connector as well.

Robert, yes the GEC does pass through the connector, is this an issue.

Yes it’s a listing issue since that connector is not listed to have both the SE cable and the GEC run through it. Form a practical standpoint if the bare conductor is not cutting into the insulation of the SE cable it would probably stay like that for decades without issue.

Thank you