Is this panel bonded?

I know the easy way to tell a panel is bonded is making sure the green screw is connected to the panel. If the panel does not have the green screw in it, what else shows the panel is bonded? Is the panel in the picture bonded and what shows this? Thank you.

looks like a bonding screw would go on the top right of the neutral bar and it isn’t there. The panel label usually can tell you the location of where a screw or jumper should be.

I am also not a big fan of the corrosion on the lugs.

Is this a service? I don’t see any grounding electrode conductors although they could be terminated elsewhere.

Christopher, isn’t that a green bonding screw (see arrow)? YMMV These old eyes are getting tired but they’re better than none. :grinning:

That’s where it would be if it was there. No screw there if you blow up the image.

No, it looks like there is one there from one of the pics, but if you blow up the other picture you can tell it isn’t.


I agree no bonding screw in that hole in the upper right. No white tape or other identification on the neutral. No bushing on the raceway, no visible GEC.

There is one possible but unlikely explanation. If this is in an area that enforces or at one time enforced the Southern Building Code an exterior disconnect for the electrical installation was required at one time. I have no idea if an external disconnect still is required nor if the Southern Building Code is still in use anywhere. Many installations done under that requirement were done as if the panel enclosure and the disconnect enclosure were a single piece of equipment even though they were several feet apart. Both the Grounding Electrode Conductor and the Main Bonding Jumper were usually found in the disconnect enclosure in those installations.

Tom Horne

Green bonding screw not present.

Are you qualified to verify if it is bonded via another method?

Report on watch you see.