Is this Polybutylene

Is this Polybutylene piping

042206 2 028.JPG

Looks like PB to me. What year was the house built?

I have seen many a time were they use PB for stubs and the rest of the house is copper? Go figure.

  1. How would I write it Todd. Thanks.

It does look like it.

I like this one by Kieth Swift:

The system includes polybutene water pipes, commonly referred to as PB, that have been alleged to be defective, and could be replaced at no cost to the consumer. They were installed in homes between 1978 and 1995. They are easily recognizable as a flexible, gray, blue, or black plastic, which include metal fittings that are connected by aluminum or copper bands. However, they should not be confused with PVC pipe, which is white and rigid and commonly used for irrigation. You can learn more about these pipes on the Web at

However you need to be sure that the home is piped with this stuff!!!

If it is only the leaders to the sink then I would think twice about giving them the full PB deal.

I wonder, did you see it in the attic? Did you see it in the wall behind the beauty ring of the washing machine???

If so you haver PB every were.

The rest of the house had copper.

Well, I see cpvc piping in the pic. :wink:

Were the supply nuts metal?

I probably wouldn’t worry about the supply lines, if that’s all there was but I’d mention for the corrosion and recommend or expect replacement.

Thanks guys.

There is nothing wrong with that type of riser pipe. I see these all the time, you can purchase this stuff at any hardware/plumbing store.Hope this helps

That usually means that at one time the whole house was PB. They left the PB stubs and replaced everything else. Yes, go figure.

The operative word there is “could.”

In order to be replaced at no charge, one has to have a leak. And leaks usually cause property damage. So one would probably have a “cost” from the leak in order to have the “no cost” replacement. Yep, interesting settlement in that class-action lawsuit.


Look behind the drain pipes where the shut-off valve is attached. :wink: