Polybutlyene Piping

What do you tell a couple thats found there dream home and it has a Polybutlyene Piping
[size=3][FONT=Arial]That it may or may not cause a problem, or hey it will fail someday, I havn’t seen much of this stuff. Most homes have copper around my area. Anyway my question is what do you do, just have it replaced I think.


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Is that lawsuit against the company the manufactured it still active.?

When I used to find PB from the meter to the house (service piping) in Arizona…I used to give my clients an 800 number to call…they would call the number, go through the process to confirm that it was indeed part of the lawsuit, and then a plumber would contact my client and come replace it for free.

That was many years ago…and I know they did the plumbing inside houses for free back then also…but I also remember that the lawsuit had a time limit…

anyone know for sure?

Tony -
Ya I know about a the settlement but I thought that the time was near or past. Didn’t they have to have a leak to get it replumbed?

I’ll give them this link…

This sucks there friends of mine, first home and its all they can afford they scared if they ask the seller to fix it that they’ll loose the home. I said hey it may be better than 10 inches of water.

First, have it evaluated by a plumber, then budget for a repipe.




When Polybutylene (PB)(PB2110) is present.

Recommend replacement of the PB piping.

Here’s my standard reply. I got most of it off the BB somewhere a while ago–I can’t remember who to credit.

“The client is informed that water supply pipes are Polybutylene plastic (PB). This system of plumbing has experienced a higher than normal rate of problems associated with leaks where the pipes are joined together (copper crimped seals). There is also a current theory that chemicals in municipal water systems react with the piping and resins in the fittings, weakening the pipes and joints. The manufacturers have been involved in class action lawsuits because of alleged manufacturing defects. While no leaks were observed under cabinets or in the crawl space of this house, replacement is recommended. For more information about PB, see http://www.polybutylene.com/, and http://www.pbpipe.com/index1.htm. Further evaluation by a licensed plumbing contractor prior to close of escrow is recommended.”


I don’t do that because there is quite a bit of disagreement about what is problematic. Some say all PB, some say just the PB connections (they should be changed to metal). Etc. The plumbers here are in disagreement. So I just provide the information to my Clients, recommend further evaluation by a licensed plumber, and let them make their own choices.

Personally (and I’ll tell a Client this over pizza and beer after hours while not wearing my HI hat), it’s junk and should be replaced. But I won’t intrude into the jurisdiction of licensed plumbers when it comes to flat-out recommend replacement of something. That’s the licensed plumber’s call.

If my Client has any questions about the plumber’s report, they can always get a second, third, fourth opinion.

Ditto, what Ray said!