Is this section "public"

Just curious if the Florida section is a public forum. I know that some of the sections will show up on Google searches. Are they only in the General forum category?

it sure is :smiley:

Yes - viewing is open to the public - but you cannot respond or post without logging in.

If you have a question or problem you do not want made public - you can go to the members only portion and e-mail who ever you like or - or if you want to - you can e-mail me or one of the Florida InterNACHI volunteer board members or any of the local Chapter heads - if you want a question generically posted - we will find a way to get “R” done for you. Or to answer any question you may have.

My e-mail is

As far as posts go - to this site or any other - and how they look to the public - the posts all work out eventually.

You can’t have an open forum like this with 1300 some odd members posting and not have some fussy bugger or two. But we always work things out. No one is intentionally rude or mean - they just get frustrated or don’t have the right information.

It may seem simple or stupid of me - but I just have never met a Home Inspector who at the end of the day did not have a great big good heart! How else could we all possibly help all the people we inspect houses for??

Sometimes I think this message board is just a way for us all to work out the kinks and knots…we just have to be patient with one another.