Today we opened up this forum to non-members.

At the request of many inspectors who view NACHI’s message board as the industry message board, today we opened up this forum (General Inspection Discussion) to non-members. We trust that all who come here will act like guests in our home.

My opinion Nick is that may not be a wise move, you will need 24/7 observers just to keep all the wackos off the site. I’m on the Porter Valley site and it seems like we’re constantly contacting Lorne to remove non-inspector comments and mortgage ads, lottery sites, and lately even the sex sites.

I just believe the NACHI members are the professionals we should identify with.


John Jordan

So all of our past posts in the “Members Only” section are now in the everone section?

Yup. All of everyone’s past “Door Nazi” and other comments are there for the world to see.

Unless I am mistaken I read this differently NICK said
( General Inspection Discusion ) this is not the members section . Roy Cooke

General These are general discussions that are visible to everyone.

[size=3]Members-Only]( section is for NACHI members only. Non-members cannot view or post in these sections.


The general inspection discussions have been Members Only up till this point.

Ah, I see now. Thank you Roy. :oops:

Well in that case “Well Done Nick”. :smiley:

Do any of ya’ll do Radon testing. I am fixing to start but have no idea how to charge for it. Anyone with any help would sure be appreciated. No one else in my area is doing it so I have no one else to ask.

Just goes to prove my old saying. Home inspectors can’t read. :wink:

Speccially this one Will.:slight_smile:


Great move, the more transparent we are and the more information we can share with the greater profession the better we will all be. Thanks.

I never even knew this was a “private” area :smiley:


Finally! Something Jeff didn’t know.

This just in… Temperatures in Hell reached 30 degrees. Film at 10! :mrgreen:

Now just what are you trying to imply Mr. Decker? :wink:

Nick let them pay just like everyone else or a limited fee for the use of the message board?

I hear you Will! Been thinking about volunteering to carry Jeff’s tools just so I can watch the man work! :cool:

The next time I’m in California…and near Jeff…I will be carrying his tools if he’ll let me.

Thank you.

So now there is more spam in areas there never were, and those who mainly pay the fee to get the message board are not getting as much for their money?