Is this type of gas line ok, for gas log fireplace..

Where is the isolation valve?

Line is fine


In Chicago. What about California?

Do the laws of physics apply there?

Or do we have a code Inspector hat on.

California is more restrictive than Chicago in many of their regulations, such as Chicago is to others.

You claim the CSST is (blanket statement) OKAY.

It may not be allowed in California.

The California inspector needs to verify with a qualified CA source, just as you would if someone in CA gave you an opinion for use in Chicago.

Get it?

Sorry dude but I recommend by safety rather than political code.
Do you understand what I am saying ?

Now tell me how what you see in the picture is an issue and why in your own words.

Looks like it might be an issue …in California.:stuck_out_tongue: Wait for Jeff Pope to chime in.

So you are saying that CSST if **SAFER **than rigid black pipe???

Appearantly you don’t understand what I’m saying.

Never said it was an issue, just that it could be in a state 2,000 miles away!


Hopefully his report isn’t already sent off with potentially bad information listed! :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be OK if they’re confused with 200 unrelated photos in the report.

In all fairness, if you’re referring to the OP, at least he has the balls to ask questions.

If you’re referring to Bob, I defer all comments to yourself! :twisted:

Yes, per the UMC. Decorative logs can have flexible gas line connector. Gas log lighters must have solid pipe.
Hope this helps

This appliance connector is perfectly acceptable.

FWIW - CSST is gas piping. Appliance connectors (although made of the same material) do not qualify as CSST. They are pre-assembled, listed “connectors.” Rules for installation of CSST are different than rules for use of appliance connectors.

CSST is also allowed in CA.

Well now there you go! Between Jeff’s and Charles’ CA qualified answers, the OP can now comment with confidence that his report (on this subject) is solid.

Thanks guys!


Sarcasm ? Really?

Mr. Pope and I answered David’s question plain and simple and you seem to have a problem with that? Is it our faults that there are different building codes in place and in use across this country we live and inspect in? What works in your neck of the woods may not work in ours and you get all huffy about it.

Mr Pope has earned his respect.

Quit being petty and get back to the real reason this board is here…to help others

Dude, you really need to chill out! I graciously thanked you for your reply, along with Jeff’s (another long term, extremely knowledgeable inspector). Take it as it was intended, and stop reading things into everything someone says.

(BTW… Don’t expect a reply to your childish PM. It was deleted).

Ok. Done… My bad.

The gas line is acceptable as already stated.

Where are the doors that a gas f/p should have