Is this weatherhead placement OK?

Bill, I was under the impression that this was hashed out over two months ago. I see now that you still did not get my point, however I worded it.

I clearly stated that now matter how wrong it was someone passed it. Even in the totalitarian environment that is Illinois.
I NEVER said it was right, or safe.
In fact I agreed with Michael in that his PRIOR code quotation was the same as the NEC. See posts 4 & 5.
In post #10 I provided an NEC graphic depicting that it is wrong.
At the same time…someone passed it.

You then, and even now, interpreted my posts as me saying since it was passed it was OK. This is NOT even close to the case.
I’ll state again. It is clearly a code violation, AND wrong.

All reasons I would NEVER EVER work or live in such a totalitarian environment. It seems Illinois has forgotten what country this is. Next time you are in the local AHJ office remind them that this is the United States of America.