Service entrance lines across flat roof


Hey all. Saw this one today and want to make sure in got it correct. The service entrance lines come in across a flat metal roof of less that 4/12 and Connect at the back of the flat roof to the home and have no drip loop as they are just laying on the flat roof.
The only way the wires can be at the 3’ level is if the roof is 4/12 or steeper and there should still be a defined drip loop, correct?
Pictures are not great but 2 show the connection in the leaves and the other shows the run over the metal roof…thanks all.

Looks like a drip loop, but it’s not good that the wires touch the metal roof.
Is it correct that this was a covered porch addition to the home?

What are the wires going into the… stovepipe like thing?

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The National Electric Code (NEC 230.24(A)) requires that overhead service wires (conductors) be a minimum of 8 feet above a roof, including for a minimum 3 feet in all directions from the edge of the roof, but then provides four allowable exceptions.


Try here:


Did they cover the SEC with siding, too? What a scab job. :-1:


It appears that the drop conductors over the roof are the utility drop and therefore they are not covered under the NEC. The NEC ends at the splices to the premise wiring which is the service point. They would be covered under the utility company specifications typically inline with the NESC. Although the NESC and the NEC have similar requirements it would still be up to the utility company to determine if they are compliant. I’m guessing that about 99% of the time this type of installation is not compliant.


What came first? I have a feeling that this whole Mickey Mouse installation was not there when the utility company hooked up.


I agree. It looks like that mess was added on at a later date.


Thanks so much for all the help. Greatly appreciated. It does appear that the porch with the metal roof was an addition. I’ll be back out there to finish Up Monday as it is unoccupied and I just passed by on my way home yesterday.
Looks like I’ll recommend further evaluation. There are also two windows that open up to the roof so this is a safety issue.
Happy New Year all !

Yes, I’ll send a more close up photo Monday but they go into a pipe and down through the metal roof to the Service Panel below. Thanks !

That looks like a typical weather head with mast attached to the side of the home and they just built the roof right over the conduit.

Forgetting code for a moment, where are the splices? At the bottom of the drip loop? Are they in contact with the metal? Do wet leaves close any gap between the splices and the metal roof? This may promote deterioration at the splice and I suppose it could energize the roof.

I see safety issues with clearance from the roof and safety issues when servicing the HVAC. I also suspect the roof leaks like sieve, which is a separate issue.

Be careful! Let us know how it goes.


Hey Brian, thanks for the reply. I’ve learned a lot from reading your posts!
I’ll take some close ups and post Monday but I agree as just too close to too many things, metal roof, accessible windows, HVAC and the conductors are less that 3’ across the metal roof. Unfortunately a very typical seen in the greater New Orleans areas with additions. Thanks!

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According to his profile, James is not in the Chicago area. His profile says Louisiana.