Is this your photo (missing kickout damage)?

Someone sent this to me years ago and I can’t remember who. I want to use it in a course and give photo credit. Does this look familiar to anyone?


Hey Kenton. That’s mine from a very good friends house.

Hey Kenton,
How much for the seniorita?

Must be a Chicago thing…


Does anybody use a siding removal tool to peek under siding to see what is going on underneath?


No. What part of* “general, visual, non-invasive” do you not understand? *


usted es sólo una puta ! ¿Sí?

Vinyl siding just check at a seam for moisture resist material.wood -how would you?-aluminum is difficult . Brick veneer requires one yet forget taking a brick off…lol

Sorry I should have been more specific. I meant vinyl siding like in Kenton’s picture. I have done it many times before just not as part of a home inspection. I’m still going to do it if I suspect a problem as long as I’m comfortable that I won’t split a piece. Just wanted to know if anybody else does.

Taking off an electrical panel dead front or an air handler access panel could be considered invasive too. Do you not take those off?

That’s been mentioned a number or times on the boards over the years and I don’t think it’s unusual for inspectors to do it.

Peeking behind the joints is easy to reveal a WRB or plain old siding or bare sheathing.
Vinyl is final, but can sure hide a lot of sins. The unzip tool in in my bag. It is not invasive when it can be snapped right back on the way it was.

I always unzip the siding in suspected areas. Here’s why.

No kick out flashing, most of the rear wall sheathing was vertical mulch. Listing agent called me a deal killer!!! Not to my face but to the buyers agent. LOL

Rot on wall (1) (Small).JPG

Rot on wall (2) (Small).JPG

Rot on wall (3) (Small).JPG

Peter, those agents must flip out when you stick that knife right in the window trim…Deal Killer!

With all of the evidence showing in your photo’s, please explain the need to unzip the siding.

Peter, in the second photo, why was it so bad under the windows but the staining started halfway down instead of just under the windows? The windows were improperly installed?

Followed by… “Oooh, that ain’t good” LOL

Because I am qualified to do so, that’s why, and my clients pay me to.

Good question Kenton, So the obvious was the missing kick out flashing, not so obvious was the splash back from uncontrolled water run off from the roof.
Damage to the wall sheathing wasn’t just confined to the area where the roof meets the wall but all down the deck and up about two feet.