Does anyone know what year receptacle outlets were required on island and peninsula counter spaces greater than 24" x 12"?

Why should it matter? You are not a code inspector. The reasons why it gopt added to the code are still valid to your customer.

(The explicit language showed up in 93 but it was implied before that.)

It was a hit in 1983 by Dolly and Kenny, but it was implied before that by the Bee Gees.

LOL Marc

The only reason it matters is to help my client know if he has grounds to request correction by the seller.

Thanks everyone for your input.

If the kitchen was built under a permit by a licensed contractor I am not sure the homeowner is responsible for errors and omissions but the buyer still has a lot of leverage over the seller, just because he doesn’t have to buy the house. There are plenty of houses for sale. If it is important to the buyer, have him bring it up in negotiation. You pointed out the issue, that was your job. The buyer would probably be better off getting a price concession and hiring his own contractor to fix this. Then he has control of how it gets done.

Regardless of when it hit the NEC< that may or may not have been adopted in your particular jurisdiction for years and years after that.

Put it this way. If you lived there and you feel you would need a receptacle there in the future, simply recommend it.

Nice Mark, my wife was in the Kenny Rodgers fan club. I just don’t know what else to say about that.