ISN coming out with report software?

At the Vegas convention last October I had heard the ISN may be coming out with a inspection software? Any new or topics on this?

Why would they do that?

I assume Dan meant coming with more integration with your software (?).

I was at the Orlando conference earlier this week, and heard that as well. They didn’t talk details. I’m not sure why they would do it either, but I’m curious about what it’s going to look like.

They might not get the same level of cooperation with the other software vendors if they do something like that.

If I were a software vendor that spent lots of time and money developing and writing code for ISN integration, and ISN then came out with a competing software, my next update would delete all ISN integration. Each to his own.

With the penetration that ISN has in the industry, making your software incompatible might not be a wise move.

The same could be said for ISN moving into the inspection software side of the industry.

Just the fact that the software industry has code writers as part of their basic business, I am sure they could come up with an ISN type function as part of their program.

If either the reporting software publisher or the Operational software publisher disabled interfaces between their products, they would risk losing market share. I don’t know the numbers and I could be way off, but I would imagine that ISN has a larger existing client base than any report software publisher.

Both ISN and the top selling reporting software packages have evolved to where they are with a lot of work over a significant period of time. It would be quite a challenge for one to displace the other. However the prospect of a single source of integrated processing for CRM, Office/Schedule management, Billing/Accounting, Report production and publication is an attractive one. Since ISN is so dominant in the administrative processing, I could easily see their long term strategy include moving into these other areas. I have no idea if the subject of the title of this thread is speculation or reality, but it will be interesting to learn.

ISN has had home inspection software for at least 10 years. It’s called eInspections:

I have heard of some inspectors still using it, so maybe the rumors that have been circulating are enhancements to this because they wouldn’t neglect their current customer base.

Looks like they haven’t made any improvements in years.

On top of eInspections, ISN had a concept called cloudinspect, but it has been in beta for over 3 years and betas don’t last that long, so it doesn’t look like it’s moving. See ISN has their bread & butter core business and it works very well for them. Their concentration is with inspection administration. Home inspectors need a home inspection software company that focuses on home inspection software. Dominic, Russell, Carl and I dedicate our lives to our core business which is home inspection software, so for ISN to release home inspection software as a side business or a supplement to their core would stretch them very thin. They tried it twice before.

As a software vendor for Spectacular, too many of our customers love the ISN integration, so if they happened to release home inspection software, we would not detach the integration and would welcome the competition because we know ISN would not turn their focus to this business to the level that it needs.

HomeTeam Franchises work with ISN’s software right now I’m told but we here its proprietary for the franchises