Where's the Beef?

Now that the dust has settled on the ISN/Porch deal. We’ve not seen or heard much form the ISN staff nor have there been many announcements of upgrades and improvements as promised.

“The partnership between ISN and Porch allows our inspection company business owners and inspectors to benefit from additional software engineering resources to add and improve ISN features”

What’s up with that?

Kind of wondering that myself.

Gents, there is a large release rolling out today and one scheduled for next week. Thanks, Chris

Just corious. What was the new features added to ISN

Just curious. What was the new features added to ISN?

I, am surprised that any inspectors except for the few that don’t mind giving up their clients info so some shi/t bag vendors can get rich of our hard work.

isn is simply not a needed tool to run your business so why do it? They are part of the problem and not the solution.