(Harry McBride, HI#303) #1

Wow I really love the ISN integration for inspection info using Spectacular. Nice to be able to enter info once on ISN and it automatically integrates to software. When I open software inspections are right there ready to go.

(Linas Dapkus, CMI) #2

I thought Spectacular went out of business.
Are they still producing software?

(Aaron Johnson) #3

What gave you that impression? Like I said 2 years ago, Spectacular is here to stay. We work on improving our software every single day…

(Aaron Johnson) #4

That’s great Harry… We wanted the integration to work seamlessly and intuitively–the way it should be…

(Linas Dapkus, CMI) #5

Junk is junk any way you look at it.

(Aaron Johnson) #6

You’re so right… I’ve seen your website…

(Linas Dapkus, CMI) #7

Which one? I have 6 websites.

(Aaron Johnson) #8

Coincidentally the ISN integration is going into Spectacular’s Windows version today…

(Dan Huber) #9

Thanks for all the work so Spectacular can work so well with ISN Aaron! We appreciate you and your product and support!


(Aaron Johnson) #10

Thanks man… I appreciate you and Chris too! See ya this weekend at the conference…

(Alan Geyer, CMI HI9972) #11

We started our company using this software. We should have done more research before doing so. The problems got extremely worse when we added a second inspector and had to integrate the two together. We had made hours of modifications to templates only to have them deleted or rearranged. Very cumbersome to make template changes across the entire software. When backing up or sharing data you are forced to use a third party platform Dropbox to do so. You quickly run out of space and need to pay for more space.

When we finally pulled the plug on this software, after 42 days of adding the second platform, Aaron refused to issue a refund for the second platform. Wow over 12 days outside the 30 days window. I guess we should have given up 12 days earlier.

Look at Spectora if you want great support and a web based product. The customer support is out of this world

(Aaron Johnson) #12

Hey Alan, so sorry you were not pleased with our system. We literally want and try to please every customer who comes our way. We want to give you the flexibility of modifying your library on a mobile device, but it inherently comes with some challenges. We do offer a Windows system to manipulate the template/library with a mouse and keyboard but I guess it’s too late for that.

You forget to mention that you had access to the team system for free for months because you copied your license to multiple devices. Then when iOS 11 came out, it abruptly stopped working for free and then you paid for the other license. I think this really made you mad. You did ask for a refund about 45 days later and I told you our refund policy is 30 days. You then threatened to bash Spectacular online if I didn’t conform and I understood. We don’t pay users to write good reviews about our app and on the flip side, we don’t pay users to not write a bad review. All of our reviews whether good or bad are organic and real. If your approach in the refund request were more respectful, we could have easily overriden the policy, but if I would’ve refunded you based on a threat, I wouldn’t sleep. I’m sure some inspectors would feel like I did if an agent threatened them. Take my *** whipping like a man I guess…