ISN inspection software

What happened to it. No go I guess.

They have their own inspection reporting software. The home inspection franchise WIN uses it.

Slight correction. The software WIN is using is developed as a joint project for proprietary use by WIN. I am one of the BETA Testers. We are in limited rollout at the moment. I believe there may be a version ISN will be offering but will not be everything on our version. I will say that Dan, Chris and their staff have done a fantastic job and the integration to their scheduling software is flawless.

Kenneth, they had a program before but I do not know if it was generally available. My suggestion is to call them and ask where they are with this.

Thanks Willy.

ISN has their own software that several franchises uses. WIN has their own template (different than having your own software). It’s not something that’s open to the public.