ISN Inspector Support Network

Need any input about ISN Inspector Support Network, how has this and uses it? Is it worth it? Any info would be great. Thanks in advance.

Edward, many say that they could not do the quality inspection process without ISN…however, being retired personally, I have never used it. :smile:

Edit: It is ISN Inspection Support Network and they have a 60 day free trial, it looks like:

You may want to read this Thread, and do some more research. ISN was bought by Porch.

Ah, thanks Christopher. I forgot about that. :flushed:

I use ISN. It automates much of my administrative duties which really helps this one man show.
Porch has never solicited any of my clients that I know of. (According to the few clients I am still in contact with, nor have I received a complaint or concern about it.)
I also have an email from ISN staff that neither porch or ISN harvest any of my clients data without me or my client being enrolled with any of their programs. I periodically check that my company & clients are not integrated with porch through ISN.
If the do steal the data, I would not be able to prove it anymore than I could with Google.

FWIW, I like ISN & feel the fee is reasonable for what it helps me & my business do.

Thanks, Brandon.

Thanks, Chrstopher, not sure is if this helps me or not. It sounds like a good program in helping out with several areas of home inspectors.

I really like the ease of sending emails and inspection notifications. I think you may be able to try it on a trial basis. They have been easy to work with. John

Thanks John.