ISN / Porch FAQ's and FACTS


There are many rumors. Please read the following FAQ’s and FACTS about the ISN / Porch partnership.

Should you have specific questions not answered here… please email us at

There are many questions not answered in this FAQ:

How do we know Dan won’t sell the rest of ISN to Porch in the future?

Because we don’t know who controls what, how can we be sure Porch won’t change the terms of service on us at any time and change these facts without notice?

Why is set up to opt out instead of opt in? Don’t you agree that is violating the privacy of inspectors who won’t realize they have to opt out? Don’t you agree that is dishonest?

Given Porch’s goal is to control independent service providers and bring overall prices down for consumers across all the service industries, why would ISN think this is a good idea to integrate and bring HI prices down?

Is it not hypocritical that the agreement between the two private companies will remain confidential yet the point of this is to make user data not confidential? Why does ISN think we should respect ISN’s confidentiality when ISN is making it clear they no longer respect user confidentiality?

Why didn’t Dan take into consideration how much he is screwing over his users by selling out?

I’m not an ISN user but I did check it out and found it to be a clean and robust service. Excellent product.

About Porch.
There is no way I would associate myself with Porch. They have proven to be duplicitous and as Ian said, they promote a price race to the bottom for service providers unlucky enough to sign up with them.

ISN yes, ISN with “some control” by Porch. Where do you think this will go?
Follow the money and see how this goes but its too bad really as I have witnessed so much support for ISN and I see that drying up quickly. For those ISN users who aren’t aware of the Porch partnership, they will find out quickly how that affects the ISN product. Maybe not at all but if that’s true then why would Porch take ownership.

Now the same inspectors who told me what a good product ISN is will be promoting non Porch associated content management systems.

Why can’t we ask questions here in public instead of via private email?

This is starting to remind me of another vendor whom Nick finally booted from InterNACHI.

Because they are hoping not everyone will know what questions to ask, nor do they want them to know/ask. It’s kinda like hitting a hornets nest with a stick.

That and maybe everyone wouldn’t like and/or agree with the answers?

This all is very disheartening. ISN makes managing this business sooo much easier, and only a few months into my career it looks as though they may have sold out to a company that has earned itself a horrible reputation with its customers and the professionals who buy leads from them.

I am definitely opting out of Porch services. I sincerely hope that I won’t have to drop ISN as well.

On that subject, are there other companies that provide what ISN has been providing?

If someone thinks that porch isn’t the majority owner or soon will be the majority owner of isn is being naive, and if you think porch won’t spam your clients then by all means continue doing what you are doing.

The writing is on the wall and those that choose to stay will have no one to blame but themselves.

Trust no one.

Realtors are finally realizing that years of paying Zillow to advertise on their site, helped create a monster that is now hurting their whole industry.

Hopefully, home inspectors won’t follow the same path with Porch. The good thing out of all of this, is that companies who dabbled in inspection scheduling and managing software, are now extremely motivated to earn the business of inspectors who don’t want to feed the monster.

I predict at least two similar products will be on the market soon. HG is already improving their software and offering it to inspectors who don’t use their report software.

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I’m glad I’m not only one who sees the parallel.

Thanks Michelle. May we ask you questions or is this all the info that is going to be released?

“Porch has invested in ISN and does have some ownership. The partnership between ISN and Porch allows our inspection company business owners and inspectors to benefit from additional software engineering resources to add and improve ISN features. Specific details about the agreement between the two private companies will remain confidential.”

Now maybe we can get some of those things we have been asking for

  1. Estimate option
  2. Trigger for additional services check box
  3. Ability to enter more then one agent/client for an inspection

So people are going to blindly trust that a part owner of a business won’t have access to client information, all client information? Past and present? And you are supposed to take someone’s word for it after this fiasco?

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

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NAR just handed over the data to outside vendors. They screwed themselves badly.

I’ve been a long-term user and proponent of ISN. I liked the business model and trusted the organization to hold my data and my client’s personal information confidential. It has been an excellent platform supported by excellent service.

Unfortunately, Porch’s business model is antithetical to my business philosophy and their reputation is so abysmal that I would never allow myself to be associated with them. I certainly do not trust them to hold any of my data or my client’s personal information.

I mourn the passing of the ISN that I did business with. I’ll be evaluating alternatives and moving on. Thank you to the folks at ISN who made it what it was. My condolences to you.

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With years of fully documented and detailed knowledge of the long history of dishonest acts committed by home inspection industry vendors who routinely obtain private information about home buyers from home inspectors and exploit them … one cannot help but wonder about either the integrity or intellect of a home inspector that would provide any information about their client to a vendor in the first place.

Dishonest and crooked vendors promising to make a home inspector rich in exchange for private data are as common as email from Nigerian princesses wanting to hold their $14.6 million dollars in your bank account. I can’t believe anyone is still falling for this silliness.

This reminds me a little old Service Magic, now Home Advisor. I used Service Magic way back when they were new. At first it was good, not great but a good revenue stream for my remodeling company. Then the leads got worse, then I started to get complaints from homeowners about Service Magic saying they got called by 10 or more remodelers.

Who knows, people exaggerate but the final decision was to drop Service Magic and I had to report my credit card as lost to do this. Reading through the Porch complaints I saw a contractor had done what I did and reported his credit card as lost. I stopped reading at that point.

I’m curious to see where this goes.

The real question becomes what happens down the road. Say in a few years Porch buys all of ISN and decides it owns all of the information on our customers.

I think that is already the case.

I wondered where all those porch texts were coming from.

Apparently Dan doesn’t like people questioning his moves anymore.

He told me off and then blocked me from the ISN Facebook group this morning.

I’m not sure how telling off a paying customer is great customer service, but it’s not a good way to rebuild trust and retain paying customers. :shock:

But I saved the screen shot! :wink: