Issue with an inspection

This is the situation, Home inspector see’s a 100 amp box with 2 different gauge wires on a lug.(double tapped) He put in the report, issue should be assessed by professional.
Condition is Satisfactory…
Really? Please correct me if im wrong if this is a none issue. no its not in the breaker and no its an old breaker box with no D breakers rated for double entry.

So he stated it’s an issue & should be assessed by professional… but then also stated it’s satisfactory?

Sounds like the inspector hasn’t figured out how to customize his report software yet. He definitely got the “rating” and the defect comments mixed up on this one.

In RED is what’s relevent…

**Yes, it is a concern and needs to be addressed by a qualified, licensed, electrical professional. **

Other than a ‘Faux Pas’ with the inspectors checkbox narrative, everything else in the post is irrelevent.

I agree

Post his exact narrative for us to see.