Two wire

Does anyone see an issue with the limitation of the electrical panel? There is no more room for any circuits to be added.

I note it in the report, but not necessarily as a defect. I report that the introduction of any additional branch circuits in the future will require an upgrade to a larger box with a possibility of a greater number of amps to provide power to it.

Gary, I see a double-tap or i’m just seeing double. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: On the right hand 15A mini-breaker.

We have standard statements - Expansion room-No,
May be inadequate for present-day demands, or similar.

John Kogel

I failed to mention that there is a 40amp breaker being feed from the main lugs, double tap?

When some of the breakers are ON they read “NO”, you know, upside down.

Agreed…and when some of the breakers are ON they read “NO”, you know, upside down older stuff and no grounding.

All they need is a side car.

Those two large red wires are double tapped off the main lugs and going through a too-small nipple to somewhere. Also, no neutral or ground along with those nasty reds.

I’d call the whole thing out. There is MORE than enough wrong there to justify this.

Ditto what Pete said, definately a homeowner wiring job in there.



I have always said I really don’t care about the whole red/green box thing, but this one puzzles me.
WHY did I get a red box for the post above??? Of course the coward didn’t sign his name so this is a complete mystery.


There are many cowards here who do the same to me, but it doesn’t bother me any more.

For someone who doesn’t care about “the red thingy”, why are you checking on it? Just ignore the feature…

You are actually right. I guess if I were a cat I’d be dead. :mrgreen:

You made me paranoid, so I had to check mine. So far, so good.

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