Florida Business Slow?

Earlier this week, I posted a message regarding a new venture specializing in Wind Mitigation and Four Point Inspections.

A new statewide (Florida) company with direct lines in with independent agents. In particular, a service will drive more revenue to your existing inspection business.

So I am wondering, if business is so slow and considering there are over 1200 inspectors in Florida, yet the response to the post was less than 10% of membership?

Don’t get me wrong, we should be able to staff the project within the next week or so. Wondering why more are not jumping on this opportunity.

If there are NACHI members that are interested, please email me your contact information to our temporary email:

I will send you the NACHI intro letter that was blast emailed earlier this week.

Best regards,

David B. Manley

Don’t forget, very few members ever actually visit (or participate) on the MB. I suspect one reason is because they don’t want to deal with alot of the BS that goes on here, from time to time. I’m sure many members visit the educational sections of the website, and avoid the MB entirely.


Us Florida NACHI members have been taken to the cleaners many times in the past to the point that we do not even want to take the time to send an email

You might have the best deal going but why should we bother for inspections that do not equal the cost of gas

Give us a sales pitch and maybe you will get some more takers

Remember at this time you look like a vendor not a member


Last time I called about a similar post the guy was offering to pay 30.00 per inspection. I’ll sit home and watch Opera for that kind of money.

Get qualified and do them on your own.

By the way, who said that Florida business was slow??

Fellow Inspectors,

It is obvious that some did not have a chance to review the introduction letter that had been previously sent out to the NACHI membership. To outline the program further and to alleviate speculative comments simlar to those previously listed, please read the following.

insurancediscountinspections (IDI) will be launched within the next 45 days. This company specifically designed to facilitate consumer needs regarding Wind Mitigation and Four Point Inspections as required for the insurance industry.

Unlike the mismanaged efforts of the WCE’s associated with the MSFH Program, this service is offering a much more lucrative split between the Inspector Vendor and IDI. In fact, the fee split is 70% to the inspector vs. the $30.00 rate previously posted. Also, the percentage to the Inspector Vendor increases significantly for multiple, commercial and high-rise structures. IDI will incurr all transaction costs, phone operations center and has budgeted 25% of net revenue directly to statewide marketing efforts. In addition, IDI is in the process of creating agent training tools for the insurance and real estate fields. Also in the works, is an “Agent Partner Program” specializing in custom marketing tools to drive the consumer base.

This is not a “pay to play” arrangement nor will we impose rediculous insurance requirements, drug screening or criminal background checks as the WCE’s. I know the NACHI membership is a group of professionals committed to the industry and outragious criteria for participation is not warranted.

As it stands, we have volume driven independent agencies waiting in the wings to utililze the site once live. In addition, authorization letters will be hitting the respective underwriting departments of 15 of the 28 primary carriers within the state. These 15 carriers represent over 70% of all homeowner polilcies in Florida. The remaining companies are scheduled for conference calls and approval status over the next 15 days.

I can assure everyone, this company is determined to launch successfully and impact the Florida market.

As per the comment earlier regarding qualifications, our existing team of Certified Professional Engineers, General Contractors and Residential Contractors are currently performing these inspections throughout the South Florida market.

Our efforts and committment to this project were spawned by continuous comments from the independent insurance industry regarding the need for a one call, reliable provider that can service consumer needs in an accurate, timely and professional manner statewide.

As an inspector and fellow NACHI member, I understand the hesitation within some of the membership and others whom use the MB for information and general comments. As has been previously posted, contact information has been provided for any questions or concerns.

The concept behind the launch of this site is to provide necessary services for the Florida homeowner and drive more business to the inspection industry and, via various marketing and media channels, provide more information to the consumer.

If I can answer any questions or explore this topic further, do not hesitate to email me at our temporary email: insdiscinsp@aol.com or call me direct at 954-464-5870 cell.

Best regards,

David B. Manley

Florida’s one call, one click resource for insurance inspections

This is not a “pay to play” arrangement nor will we impose rediculous insurance requirements, drug screening or criminal background checks as the WCE’s. I know the NACHI membership is a group of professionals committed to the industry and outragious criteria for participation is not warranted.

Then why did ask for insurance company info in your e-mail.


The respective Underwriting Departments are requiring all of our Inspector Vendors to have liability coverage however they have not communicated a minimum. I think we can both agree that a $1m policy is over the top but having basic coverage does set us apart from individuals that are not serious about the industry.

But, I would prefer a call. I can set aside all the time you need to discuss any questions you might have.


David Manley

I have general lib


Since most of us got trained, and have developed relationships with the agencies in our areas, and get 100%, most of us would rather have 100% than 70%.


Does the inspector set the rate and your company gets 30% or does your company set the rates and the inspector get 70%? There is a large difference here

I do not know where the idea that an independent contractor did not set his own rates is coming from

The IRS has guide lines for who is an employee and who is an independent contractor. One is who sets the rates. Check it out.

Another issue is qualifications – Seems to me that the new state law is going to put your existing group of inspectors out of business unless they become home inspectors with 120 hrs of education etc.

And as been stated we as inspectors are all ready established with the agents in our market area. Looks like you are trying to sell us back to our existing clients!!!

In short we need a sales pitch – I am having a hard time seeing a need - benefit for your company

Something to remember - The professional relationship that we have developed with the people that recommend us is not going to be replaced with “Just get any old inspector out here”

They are looking to do business with a PERSON that they know and trust. They are not going to call a registry

Waiting your reply



What a few are missing is, this is an opportunity to add more revenue to an existing business. No one is asking or mandating you to quit your day job and at no point are we looking to take away from your existing business.

Considering the current market conditions, I would be amazed to hear of any inspector that is so covered up with existing business, they wouldn’t consider an additional revenue source.

There might be a handful of inspectors throughout the state that run full schedules, however the masses are not. In particular, Florida has never seen the current rate of attrition in our field.

For some, this may be and excellent opportunity and others may be comfortable with their current level of sales…and that’s fantastic. But my recommendation for those that are not interested in this program is to move on. The derrogatory and hostile comments towards a program, from some in which is obvious have not taken the time to read or understand, undermind the overall purpose the benefits it will bring. This particular purpose to help a profession within a struggling economy.

As per the fee split comment, you very well might be driving more dollars to the bottom line, but most run a much lower margin. In particular when you cost in marketing, administrative and misc. costs.

I have offered to have private discussions with anyone whom wishes, but instead this MB is being covered up with the typical, border line offensive behavior that indicates a lack of professionalism this industry desperately needs.

There is no gimmick, no scam and no alternative motives to the services this company will make available.

Once again, I wish to extend to the membership and those outside NACHI, my contact information to have in depth discussions regarding the program.

Temporary email: insdiscinsp@aol.com
My direct line: 954-753-3755

Best regards,

David Manley

why the temp e-mail


My point is, if the business is marketed correctly the individual inspector can get four point and wind mitigitation inspections by simply marketing the insurance offices. All of the insurance offices in my area state that they are the ones who select the inspector, not the parent company or home office. I had to provide my proof of GL to some, but not all of the offices.

I see your business as competition for the market I and other inspectors in their areas have already cultivated. I’m sure I’m not alone. Those of us who have been pounding the pavement since 4 points became a viable market will not wish to see our efforts handed out to another inspector in our “terrority”.

As far as your not wishing to discuss this on the message board, you started the discussion by advertising your service on the message board. This is a great way to advertise your business, you just have to be ready to answer any and all questions, and yes, some will be negative.
Good luck with your endeavor.


The contact information listed is temporary due to the construction of the site. Once the site is launched, a more professional approach will be available. I am using my other office for all phone needs until our commercial lease is finalized. We will have a business address and call center operations to facilitate the business.

Thank you for your comments and questions.

David Manley

Thanks for the call David.