Dead Week

It has been balls to the wall for the past 3 months. Then all of a sudden nothing this week. I have 2 already of next week.
Anyone else get this slow down?
I really didn’t mind it because of all the rain.

August is traditionally slower for us as everyone goes on vacation. After today I’ll be going on vacation my self. 8 days with no inspections. It hardly seems real :slight_smile:

Booked 3 per day through the 17th. Not slowing down at all.

Same here… Hit a lull but expected as school is starting and folks seem to get focused on school supplies and prep. Looking at my trend reports from ISN I can usually predict these swings.
Yesterday I received three calls and booked all three within an hour. That’s the nature of our business and it is definitely regional.
Learn to capitalize on it by using that time to market… Market… Market!!

Schedule a vacation that will get the phone ringing! :wink:

We definitely had a slow down the last couple of weeks.

2 so far for me as well. We had been covered up.
I always noticed a trend of slow downs right before school started and ended.

Booked all day, all week. Working Saturdays. But, I am going on vacation next week.