It never ends

Craigslist Ad


Single Family House
0-1500 Square Feet--------------------------------------------------------------$175.00 Per Inspection
1500-2500 Square Feet---------------------------------------------------------$215.00 Per Inspection
2500-3500 Square Feet---------------------------------------------------------$225.00 Per Inspection
3500-4500 Square Feet---------------------------------------------------------$250.00 Per Inspection
4500-5500 Square Feet---------------------------------------------------------$295.00 Per Inspection
5500-6500 Square Feet---------------------------------------------------------$350.00 Per Inspection
6500-7500 Square Feet---------------------------------------------------------$400.00 Per Inspection


Single Family House
0-1500 Square Feet---------------------------------------------------------------$175.00 Per Inspection
1500-2500 Square Feet----------------------------------------------------------$215.00 Per Inspection
2500-3500 Square Feet----------------------------------------------------------$225.00 Per Inspection
3500-4500 Square Feet-----------------------------------------------------------$250.00 Per Inspection
4500-5500 Square Feet-----------------------------------------------------------$295.00 Per Inspection
5500-6500 Square Feet-----------------------------------------------------------$350.00 Per Inspection
6500-7500 Square Feet-----------------------------------------------------------$400.00 Per Inspection

Ain’t Licensing Grand!

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If your state is anything like Arizona, it took about three years to weed out the crop of new inspectors.

Now everything is back to normal…more than 1/2 went back to Circle-K.

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Florida has 6000 licensed Inspectors and growing daily. HI has become the choosen trade of the unemployed.

Circle K ? I thought it was Waffle House… :roll:

Yep and a vast majority of the dumb-asses here wanted it.

Don’t you all feel like fools who wanted it?

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LOL Steve…how are things in your neck of the country since licensing?

Hi Jay,

I think we had about 3400 at one time…last time I looked I believe it was less than 900 with active licenses.

more suckers to make me look good

Was doing some searching on the site and found this. Is this when Florida began officially issuing licenses?

Yes, it was.
I wonder if the person who made the Craigslist ad is still in business? :slight_smile:
Oddly enough, looking back on my records, it didn’t affect my business at all.
All of the doom and gloom predictions…

Gotcha, appreciate the insight. I’ve noticed that many states also require a certain number of ride along/apprenticeship hours to obtain a license as well. Have you heard any chatter about that happening in Florida too?

No, nothing along those lines.
I suspect the only change to licensing in Florida…will be the elimination of it…

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