Well that was a real eye opener...and a little scary!

Inspecting an attic today. Access over the car port. First thing I notice is a lot of Romex laying here and there and then I spot it, a stripped bare cable, took a picture of it. Try to figure out if it was connected to something or just a scrap.

Just barely moved some wire close to the access and sparks fly from the end of that pigtail. well shit! …no need to grab the sniffer to see if it is live!!

I could see where the cellulose dust in the attic kind of let the sparks sit and glow there for a couple of seconds. on luckily bare drywall over the uninsulated carport but right next to the insulation over the home. Well crap I’m thinking…then proceed to look around in the attic some more. (You know, document and move on)…>>>…Then not sure if I smell or see it first…

An errant Spark flew up to some cellulose overspray and was glowing red and smoking just under the roof decking…I snapped a picture of it and then grabbed it quickly with my bare hand and tossed it over to the uninsulated, drywall ceiling of the carport.

I then went and got a bottle of water and made sure I wet down the roof decking at the area and the once smoldering cellulose now on the bare drywall to make sure it was (Smokey Bear) Out. (I then went back up there about three times before finishing the inspection just to make sure and then again just before I left.

Good news is the breaker did trip…And do you know what that circuit breaker was labeled as?? That’s right Literally…."Nothing"


Nothing, lol. Should have been labeled “attic heater!”


It always blows my mind how much live/exposed wire we HIs find. I’ve done a lot of electrical work over the years, some of which I now realize wasn’t the greatest. But, on my worst day I couldn’t fathom leaving a live/exposed wire for someone to happen upon later.


I found this knob and tube energized skull tickler in a basement today. Double trouble!


And a few more labeled “unknown”…WTH… I’m willing to bet that there are multiple electrical issues at this home.


or “Oh Shit”

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I am sure your inspection saved a life (s)

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