Electrical Sabotage?!

I saw this today. I understand that the foreclosed homeowner probably did this on the way out. The ground in the distribution panel is severed. The neutral service conductor is disconnected from the distribution panel lug. And, the receptacles and light switches were removed, but the person took the time to cap off the bare electrical wires. I think he may have been trying to trick someone into replacing the receptacles?? Any comments about this person’s motive? Sorry I can’t post pictures. There seems to be something wrong with NACHI’s web site.

People become vindictive when they are forced out of their castle. If they cant have it, their thinking is that no one should have it , regardless of the consequences.

Clumping kitty litter in the toilets, bullets in the garbage disposals, garbage disposal drain hoses disconnected or loosened, the list goes on. Just be wary when doing a foreclosure and keep on your toes. People are getting uglier by the day and suspect it will get worse.

bullets in the garbage disposals


I believe I have offended someone very rich and powerful, and that they have sent someone to sabotage my house’s electrical so that a fire will start in the walls.

Since Wed., Apr. 27, all outlets, lights & appliances have been surging simultaneously. I’m cold because I turned off the furnace. There have been many other ocurrences.
There was a fire across the street from my house at 3:30 that morning. I’m worried that the same thing will happen to me. Com-ed (the utility company) has been called 4 times and refuses to respond. I have an electrician working on it, but I don’t know if he can find out what they did. Can anyone help me?

I had an inspection a while ago on a foreclosure. The real estate agent (who met us at the house) said that they utilities were all on. When we arrived, not only was the electricity not on, the entire service panel was missing.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen lots of vandalism that looked like it was done by the previous owners. I certainly do not mean to defend vandals but at the same time, I have seen with plenty of people who hit a brick wall trying to deal with their mortgage holders. They feel angry, helpless and alone. They see the banks as the enemy. Desperate people do desperate things.

If you already have an Electrician working on it then why would you think Generalist Home Inspectors would do more to help you on an internet forum or for that matter what makes you think the Electrician incompetent ?

A problem with the neutral conductor(grounded conductor) can cause what you are describing. I have seen them corrode at the connection at the weather head and on the pole. Have your electrician check for a voltage difference from the hots to the neutral to confirm. Voltage should be the same.