ITI Pushmatic panel

I was wondering if you guys could help me, I inspected a house today that had this panel in it. First time I’ve seen one, not to common around here,

Everything checked out OK in the house except no GFCI where they need to be. Any input?

In the last couple off weeks there has been a couple of discusions on these .

Good panel no big concerns Roy Cooke

Thanks for the link Roy, I was concerned about aluminum wiring due to the age and I could not remove the cover safely because the oil tank was in the way.

I had just enough room to stand in between the oil tank and the cover and my back was pressed hard against the tank, I started to take the screws out and I stopped and said nope, ain’t worth it.

I would have killed the power but the owner had oxygen tanks and other stuff so it just didn’t feel safe to do.

I did remove several switch and outlet covers and found all that wiring to be copper. I recommend to my client that when the electrician comes to install the GFCI’s to have him pull the cover and reinspect.

We have a lot of Pushmatics in our area, in fact I have one in my house.

OK panels, but hard if you have to upgrade (add circuits). I recommend that the breakers be replaced if they have been in service for a long while (40 years or so). I changed all of mine when we moved in. About 1/2 the breakers would not reset, so I changed them all. The breakers are very mechanical and I have seen many of them that will not reset if tripped. I recommend that people buy a couple of spares. We have only one hardware store (small ma and pop place) that carrys them and all the electricians buy them there.

Hope this helps;

Thanks Will, I talked to my electrician and he said they are reliable and when ever he changes one of these out he saves the parts because you don’t see them around here that often.

Thanks again for everyone’s help.

Very common here in the Detroit area. Good on that electrician to save the parts when swapping one of those out: they’re gold here.

Those old pushmatics are some of the most dependable ever made, if not THE best. I know of many still serviceable after 50 years. The panels are tough, too.