It's back! College football Hootyhoo!

Wow this summer has flown by, college football is back. Goooo BUCKEYES!!! Prime time game on ESPN at 7pm on Labor Day, that’s different. I’m taking OSU for a repeat on National title.;-):mrgreen:

Boomer sooner!

Gee I did not know you were a fan of Okla State University :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Charlie, repeat of National title;-)

Gooooo Gators…Chomp!

Not likely Bro I don’t think OU ever did that even in their prime;-)

Considering the college I graduated from (Cal State Los Angeles) disbanded their football team, I never really got into college football.

But I am a big fan of NFL football.

My Dad went to OSU when I was in grade school, his tickets were in the first row of C deck section 5 student section, I’ll never forget the first game and several games after that the students would pick me up and pass me to the top above everyone’s heads, the first time all I could think was don’t throw me over the top! I watched every home game Archie Griffin’s junior and senior years except the game with that team up north, Dad took off work to watch that game.

I don’t follow the stats and don’t know what State has won the most National titles but Okla has won their share. We take our football seriously if we have more than 3 seasons not winning at least the State Championship we start growling for a new coach. Stoops has been with us for 17 years;-)


1 Ohio State

Virginia Tech

Go Buckeyes!


I use to usher as a cub scout back then. Those are fond memories. They looked dam good last night.

Our pee wee football team raked Woody Hayes leaves one year, he lived very modestly, small 1 story 3 bedroom house in Upper Arlington, His wife made us a nice cold cuts and veggies lunch.

Yes they did look good!:smiley:

2-0 GO BUCKS!!! Back to back for 9 National Championships! Although they did look sluggish after playing the first that I can remember college Monday night football game.

What the heck is a buckeye?

A worthless nut, lol !!


That’s defending national champions, ranked number one, “worthless nut” sir :mrgreen: GO BUCKEYES!!! O H!!!

I was listening to a DJ down in the keys Thursday and he said " I don’t see Hawaii beating Ohio State, but they’re still the winners, because after the game they will be getting on a plane and going back to Hawaii" lol
MSU and Oregon looked good tonight.

Gooo Gators