It's Like Climbing a Slippery Hill

April 10th will mark 1 year in the business for me, and I liken this whole process to climbing barefoot up a muddy, steep hill. I take several steps get some momentum and then boom! I fall and lose some or all of my progress. Then I doggedly GET BACK UP and start the climb again!! I will prevail!

Jason, maybe you be more specific so members could make suggestions to help out?

There is nothing really specific to discuss, I just mean that I will go 1-2 weeks with good steady business and then it just dies, it is literally feast or famine! Very up and down.

Probably pretty typical for the first year. It takes time to build your network.

I agree Frank, it really does take a lot of time to build those relationships. I think anywhere from 2-3 years.

You got to try to be like a squirrel and save away some nuts. It happens to even highly experienced inspectors. Any profession thats income depends on real estate sales, expect a bumpy ride.


Jason, I hope during the slow weeks you’re taking the opportunity to market your biz!

Same here been about 7 months for me and it’s very up and down. Branching out further has been hard the REAs are stuck on a few soft report writers.

Thomas I market the hell out of it every day!!

What Market are you in Jeff? A lot of soft report writers and cheap inspectors here too!

You’ll get there, at least you’re starting out at a decent time in the market,
when I made the switch from being a GC the market was terrible!

Mid Missouri.

Such is life, not just business;-)

I use to have the California area sewn up about ten years ago. Slowly each broker retired and now no longer refer me. If you ever get to Jefferson City just give me a call at 761-3581. I will be glad to send you some overflow. I do not get much Realtor business, because most do not like me but I stay busy most of the time. My girlfriend just expanded her real estate brokerage, so you need to send me some information and I will get you on the referral list.
Also contact Steve Wessler, a CMI at Rocky Mount, he has gotten really busy with high dollar properties. I usually piss off the Realtors he works with, so just tell him if he ever needs any help on a big house or commercial property to give you a call. NACHI members always try to help each other out in Missouri. Most Realtor’s are meaner at the Lake, so I do not back down and talk crap when they show disrespect. Steve is a great guy and the best inspector I have ever apprenticed.

James that would be great. I was looking to expand to that area but it’s hard to get in the door at the realtors. If your girlfriend can put me on her referral list would be great. I’ll try to get her some business cards next week. Where is she located?