NACHI.TV now free for all InterNACHI members!

Thanks Nick, You are Awesome. **I have logged in under my user name and it works great. **

Nick, thank you! Your the best.


Thank you Nick - this is high quality material and very much appreciated. Your organization under promises and over delivers!

Nick you are a Saint!

Life is like a bowl of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get!

With NACHI, life is “chocolat”

What a great unifying gesture NACHI TV is wonderful!

Thank you mon ami!

One of these days, we must do a French NACHI TV presentation.

Actually One in Spanish, Chinese…

Just thinking out loud my friend.

Merci et salut mon ami,

Marc-Andre from Brossard Quebec Canada :slight_smile:

And that is another reason that ANCHI is serving the membership. Anyone else providing membership benefits NEAR this? NO, NO and NO again. Thanks Nick

On the sidebar of the Nachi TV page, what do the bracketed numbers beside the topics refer to?


It refers to the number of NACHI.TV episodes or courses that relate to that subject.

Good to hear you post. It’s cool though…

Thank you fellas, I appreciate the fact that you help us to be the best inspectors we can be out there in the home inspection industry. \:D/