Jeff Barnes says "InterNACHI will be recognized in Kansas or no association will be."

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Nick a quick note regarding recent posts.

Once again the issue was raised about the “conspiracy” to not include InterNACHI as a nationally recognised association and all inspectors will have to be ASHI. That does not even make sense. If criteria was written in such a way as to keep interNACHI out, no other association would qualify either. The nonsense continues.

Jeff Barnes

So the part about the only associations that require a written examination are going to be recognized is being dropped?

Why would that be dropped? I’m lost.

Nick thinks that, after the inspectors take and pass their NHIE required for their licenses…they are all going to run to the nearest community college to arrange for a proctored NACHI exam.

Since there is no grandfathering under the Kansas law, all existing NACHI members will also be required to do this as well.

It seems like a lot of extra trouble to go through. Since they all have to pass the NHIE, anyway, my bet is they will simply follow the easiest next step…dues to either ASHI or NAHI.

Nick do you actually expect inspectors will want to join two organizations when one will do. If I was them I would just pay for NAHI or ASHI dues because it is not going to matter how the inspector is certified in a licensed state. The consumer will be more focused on the inspector’s license than his certification.

What are you guys talking about? InterNACHI already requires a proctored exam in Kansas.

Requires it for what? Not for membership.

Jim writes:

Uh, yes. InterNACHI has always required the passing of a proctored exam in every state that requres the passing a proctored exam (be it New York’s Connecticut’s, Illinois’, the NHIE, or whatever).

The passing of a proctored exam in states that require the passing of a proctored exam is just one of many InterNACHI membership requirements.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Will a proctored NACHI exam meet the requirements for licensure in Kansas?

News to me. Which of InterNACHI’s is proctored?

Nick, are you saying that a proctored NACHI exam is not used in any state?

The “chase” as you put it Michael, is that I’ve been telling these guys for weeks now that InterNACHI will be an approved association in Kansas. They simply didn’t believe it and even call me a liar.

Now even Jeff Barnes confirmed it. What more do these guys want?

I hate to say “I told you so” but… I told you so.

That’s nice but my question was not answered.

It will not. The all-ASHI membership board will decide what test will be administered.

The requirement to belong to an association - who administers a written test - is what Mr. Braun was referring to.

Licensed inspectors in Kansas will be, first, required to pass the NHIE. They can then fulfill the requirement to be an association member by mailing dues to ASHI or NAHI…or go to a community college and find someone to administer to them an additional (NACHI) test.

Tell me what you see happening, here.

I predict that, to keep from losing all 50 of his members in Kansas, Nick will accept the NHIE for NACHI membership.

Read Jeff’s email slower. It is the topic of this thread in post #1.

Several members claimed to be sure that InterNACHI would not be approved as a national association in Kansas (don’t make me embarass them by requoting their posts). Some even went as far as calling me a liar.

Now we find out they were wrong and I was right.

Even Jeff Barnes himself has now confirmed that I was correct and that InterNACHI will be an approved association.

I hate to say “I told you so” but I told you so.

Anyway, the NHIE is not an inspection association and will not be approved as one of the inspection associations that you will have to belong to by Law. You can’t join it. The NHIE is an exam. Try not to confuse the two.

  • You have to pass an exam by Law. I don’t know what it will be or if there will be more than one and I don’t really care as long as it isn’t a code exam. I’d love the Kansas Board to come up with their own lower pass rate, higher passing score exam than the “everyone passes” NHIE, but I really don’t care as long as everyone has to take it. ASHI is made up mostly of come-only-with-cash associates that can’t pass gas, let alone a state exam, so the harder they make it the better for InterNACHI members.
  • You also have to join an approved association by Law. I don’t know what associations will be approved by the Kansas Licensing Board and I really don’t care but I’m quite certain InterNACHI will be approved as a national association. Even Jeff Barnes says so.

First, Nick…you are the one who is confused. Read your post…you asked for clarification.

There will be an entry test to get a license. The all ASHI board will assure, as they all do, that the entry test is the NHIE. We all know that.

There is a second requirement…to belong to an association to get a license. This is of more concern to you than us. You lose money if NACHI is not accepted. We simply join another association. No big deal.

Now, the Kansas inspector who has already passed the NHIE will be looking for an association to join. If you do not accept the NHIE as an entrance test…as ASHI and NAHI do…he will have to find a place to take a proctored NACHI exam (for only those associations with “written” entrance tests are allowed).

Will he do that…or simply take his NHIE scores to his nearest ASHI chapter?

I love how you guys who said InterNACHI would not be approved as an association in Kansas now try to change the subject and even the topic of this thread to exams.

Anyway, using 1.10 of our COE, the Kansas Licensing Board can make the NHIE or some other exam an *additional *InterNACHI membership requirement in Kansas just like Texas made 440 hours of education and the TREC exam *additional *InterNACHI membership requirements… but… InterNACHI has never *replaced *any of our requirements with any state requirement and never will.

Jim’s prediction about us doing so is as inaccurate as his prediction that InterNACHI would not be approved as an association.

InterNACHI members still have to fulfill both InterNACHI’s requirements and their state requirements. No come-only-with-cash associates permitted.

Anything Kansas requires will be on top of the that InterNACHI requires, just like every other state.

Nick, I don’t remember “predicting” anything.

Please show me where I did.

I do remember Scott Patterson presenting some stats on the pass rates of the NHIE on this MB that where widely different than your recent claims for the same test.

I think it still a better idea to join NACHI than the other orgs even if one is required to pass the NHIE for obvious reasons.

Michael, you are correct.

The confusion lies in how the board will define what is a home inspection organization. I guess time will tell.