I've seen this on here before...

I saw photos similar to this on this forum before but can’t locate them. Just came across this yesterday. Obviously more than one jackleg has learned this from somewhere. Any thoughts on where this style of framing comes from??

I’ve seen eaves hinged on a modular.

That’s about the only explanation I can think of too. They looked like there were nail plates, which indicates to me a factory environment.

Forgot to mention that this is a roof framed over an older roof. This house was built in 1983. Would you recommend anything for this. The roof felt secure when walking on it, but the framing just looks sketchy. I recommended that additional strapping or sistering be added for proper support and that county records be researched for the proper permits. The hinged joint had a few that had either twisted or warped and were not fully seated on the lower section. Thanks for your input!

I keep looking at the picture and see the top cord sitting on a seat of about 1" ? It sure looks like 2 halves next to each other.Would there be a strap over the two that ties them together? May not be visible . Did it smell like worms ? it looks like a can of them

I would be nice to just be able to take a picture of crap like that and simply put…“need I say more…”

That’s one of those foldable roof tops…

That is just fubar. Is there a best structural defect contest page?
Must have been a “let’s see how long it takes this to fail” school experiment.


A greedy mind. This is not a style of framing, it’s bad framing in failure. This is someone trying to save a few dollars.

Kind of reminds me of those adjustable hinged birthday cakes where the real old, naked, overweight woman falls out of the fake birthday cake and breaks her leg.

Isn’t that so you can open it up on sunny days???

Would this be used with a modular home? I still can’t see these hinges being approved fasteners, especially on only one side. I’ve never seen this on any modulars in our area.