Modular Home roof!!! Gotta see this!!

I was doing a draw inspection on a modular home (not moblie home) today and I noticed they had put a hinge on the foor rafters for transportation (see pics) This seem quite unsafe. They also had the ridge hinged as well. I hope that after they install the house that they “sister” the roof rafters to strengthen the hinged area of the rafters. If they don’t then I don’t see how they could pass local inspection codes. By the way, I wonder how construction code inspections apply to these types of homes.

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Modular home roofs are hinged cuz they don’t fit under over passes. when they get on site, the roofs are swung into place and framing members are added to support the roof.

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That is a very common system on both manufactured and modular homes, the trusses are a properly engineered component and the building plans will show how any aditional bracing is to be installed when the roof is errected.



Also note the 2 x 6 components and steel gussets. I would tend to believe it is pretty solidly built and more practical than building it on site with better and closer tolerances. Good photos! thanks. These kinds of threads are very helpful for some who may not get the chance to see something like this very often if ever.

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Provided that they are transported correctly, as your course demonstrates, very clearly.

Remember, “engineered” means that some engineer warrants it, as it left the plant, not as it is installed.

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I believe the engineer warrants it if done according to his sealed plans.

Great pics. Thanks


I highly recommend Gerry’s course on Manufactured Homes. Some of those
“scratch your head” moments are answered and you start to understand the standards for these types of buildings are higher then the junk that is built on site.:wink: