Modular home

Is it normal for the Rafters in Modular Home be 2X6 then cut down to 2X4. I could not get up in to the attic to see if engineered that way. they where all this way .

Do you have a photo of the other end of the 2 x 4’s? Doesn’t look right to me. If it was engineered that way, the ends would have been butted together. Also, typically it would be designed so that a full sheet of sheathing covers the joint, not end at the joint. Does the roof change pitch at that point?

These are hinged joints, and are meant to be this way, although they look a far apart. Am I correct in assuming that your pictures are not oriented correctly? Hard to tell which way is up. They ship houses with part of the roof laid flat, and then stand them up during setup. The load ratings and distances determine the need for 2x4’s vs 2x6’s. Typically, the manufactured industry saves a buck everywhere it can.

You cant see them raise the roof, but you get the idea.

This one shows it best, about 45 seconds

I could not see the other eds of the rafters due to the insulation. It did not look correct to me either I do know some rafters are engineered in this manner but I thought there was some type of marking on them to indicate this. the photos are correct I am looking up at the rafters and the sheeting is the roof. the roof does not change pitch. To make this Inspection better the building Dept lost the CO on this Home. The Building Dept told the new buyer they will use my Inspection report for the new CO. I told them a Home Inspection is not a Code check and they had no problem with that.

Alphine Hinge Plate for Modular Housing tilt-up roofs.


You can see a picture on the design of
Hinged Truss here. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel, I was looking for that image, and couldnt fine one fast enough.

Chris, when you inspect a hinged roof system you need to check to see if the hinged knee braces are properly nailed and strapped to the king post and that the marriage/mate line is fastened per the manufacture’s specifications at the ridge and ceiling beam and/or top of the king posts.


This is why Marcel gets the big bucks. :cool:

Don’t know about the big bucks Doug, but thanks.

And here is a good link for the topic of hinged plate trussess for Modular Homes.

Click on the photo for animation.:slight_smile: