J-box or more?

When I come across electrical connections in an attic I usually report it simply as “There were electrical connections in the attic that were not properly protected. (not inside an electrical junction box)” However, sometimes there are cases such as in the photo where three wires are spliced together rather than just two. Is this an issue beyond just missing a J-box?

Solon 005.jpg

Solon 005.jpg

It just needs a properly sized junction box and wire nuts. (I’m not sure if the wire nuts on those splices are sized correctly).

Exactly what Ralph said. Needs a J-box and properly sized wire nuts (maybe). Someone just tapped into an existing circuit to add a light or outlet. Not a big deal, but should be in a box.

It looks like to me one of the wires has an indication of overheating.

What if the romex wires are attached to knob & tube that is not visible.

So playing devils advocate the home burns down and they find out that 20 amp wiring was installed to older knob & tube and you only recommended a junction box.

I would add.

Safety Issue: Improperly wiring practices were observed. Location: Attic. Junction boxes form an integral part of a circuit protection system. Recommend a licensed electrician review all wiring located in the attic and repair or replace as advised.

Is that white and black in the same wire nut?

Someone is in for a real surprise at the other end :shock:

J-boxes are also required to be properly secured to the structure as is all of that loose/excess wiring.

The devil isn’t involved here, and this looks like romex, not K &T. Were it K & T there would be other issues too.

I do agree that it looks like there is a black and white wire, nutted togetheer. I didn’t see that on first glance. I also noticed that there doesn’t seem to be any ground wires in that configuration. I see Whites together, Blacks together, and one white/black combination. So there may be more there than just the lack of J-Box.

If this is going to a switch loop it is proper to wire the “hot” side to the white but since 2002 or so it was required to reidentify the white.
The thought is when you get back from this switch loop the installer at the luminaire end will be presented with a hot black and a white neutral.

Thank you for the reply’s and the info. All is taken under advisment and is useful information. Much appreciated!